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Magnetic Wall Pro Avance

Magnetic Wall Pro Avance

Our Pro Advanced option uses an adhesive-backed magnetic sheet to create a magnetic surface, onto which our ultra-thin PromoSteel is attached.


The adhesive is a standard acrylic adhesive suitable for indoor use. The magnetic sheet attaches permanently to your wall or surface, creating a magnetic base. The adhesive-backed sheets can be removed, but this can pull paint from the wall and leave residue behind – so it’s better for permanent installations.


The PromoSteel is then printed onto and attached to the magnetic surface. PromoSteel is a wide format digitally printable PET material with an iron/ferrous coating.


PromoSteel can be printed onto using a wide range of printers and ink delivery systems. It’s thin and lightweight form makes it easy to roll, transport and store.

  • Our lightweight PromoSteel is ideal if you want to create a permanent magnetic surface onto which you can apply printed graphics that are regularly changed.

    The PromoSteel can be easily applied and removed by a single person, without any special training or tools. This makes it popular with large retailers and companies who regularly attend exhibitions.

    The Pro Advanced is also the most cost-effective option for most customers.

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