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Magnetic Solutions Ltd sells a range of magnetic receptive materials online, which we deliver from our base in Sheffield across the UK.

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Magnetically receptive materials

Magnetic Solutions Ltd has a great range of magnetically receptive materials available for sale including magnetic paint, steel tape and flexible iron.

Magnetically receptive materials themselves hold no magnetic charge but, are attracted to materials that do. Hundreds of materials are magnetically receptive, for example, steel. If you want to stick magnets to a wall, for example, you need a magnetically receptive surface – such as our flexible iron sheets, magnetic paint, or steel tape.

Magnetic simply means that the material itself holds a magnetic charge and will be attracted to other magnets and magnetically receptive materials.


To summarise, receptive means that magnets will stick to it – such as steel. Magnetic means that it will stick to receptive surfaces. For example, steel warehouse racking is receptive, but not magnetic. A magnet is both magnetic and receptive.

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Need to stick magnets to a wall?

Order magnetically receptive materials today from Sheffield based Magnetic Solutions Ltd. To speak to our customer service team, call 0114 242 2211
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