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Magnetic Wall ProPremium

Magnetic Wall ProPremium

As with the Classic system, the Pro Premium option uses Promagnetic Paint. The Promagnetic Paint provides a smooth magnetically receptive surface in one coat. Importantly, it can be easily painted over with the colour of your choice, and the surface will retain its receptive properties. The paint is water-based, so the will be no strong odours when used indoors.


A layer of double-sided magnetic sheet is installed between the paint and the graphics. This is a specially engineered flexible magnetic which is magnetic on both faces, this allows it to attract to the ferrous wall and also provide a perfect base for the PromoSteel to attach to. Supplied plain brown each side.


The graphics are printed on ultra-thin PromoSteel. PromoSteel is a wide format digitally printable PET material with an iron/ferrous coating. It attaches to a magnetic base, which can be temporary or permanent. Our lightweight PromoSteel is ideal for retail displays. In-store staff can easily apply and remove graphics without any special training or tools.


PromoSteel can be printed onto using a wide range of printers and ink delivery systems. It’s thin and lightweight form makes it easy to roll, transport and store.

  • This provides the best of both worlds, a magnetic surface that can be easily painted over, and a lightweight printed graphic. This makes it easy for graphics to be applied and removed by a single person.

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