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Premium Adhesive Magnetic Tape

Premium Adhesive Magnetic Tape

Magnetic tape is often used in the pop-up display, exhibition and sign markets.


The tape is supplied with an adhesive backing (with side A or side B magnetisation) for perfect alignment without the need for screws, staples or nails.


All our magnetic tape benefits from high strength magnetisation and is available in a variety of widths to suit your application.


Our material has a UV coating on the magnetic face to prevent marking.


The flexible magnetic tape can be easily cut to length using scissors, craft knife or guillotine, then simply peel off the backing film before sticking to the required surface.


Premium adhesive is a special acrylic adhesive with superb bonding properties and its resistance to plasticisers means it is suitable for PVC. This is the best choice where the end application material is unknown.

  • Our premium adhesive magnetic tape is available in widths of 12.7mm, 20mm and 25.4mm.

    We provide magnetic tape in rolls of up to 30m, or alternatively, we can supply cut pieces suited to your specific requirements. We are also able to kiss cut pieces down to the adhesive liner so that they are all cut to the right size and remain on the roll. For this service, all pieces must all be the same length.

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