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Magnetic Wall Classic

Magnetic Wall Classic

The Classic system involves creative a magnetically receptive surface using our Promagnetic Paint and then applying a printed flexible magnetic sheet on top.


The Promagnetic Paint provides a smooth magnetically receptive surface in one coat. Importantly, it can be easily painted over with the colour of your choice, and the surface will retain its receptive properties. The paint is water-based, so the will be no strong odours when used indoors.


Flexible Magnetic Sheet is a printable magnetic material that can be easily placed on receptive surfaces. The material is durable and can be printed on a wide range of digital printers and is available in wide format up to 1270mm width.


Simply take the printed magnetic sheets and place them in position against the receptive surface and they will stay in place until you choose to move them.


It’s arguably the quickest and easiest option and is perfect for homes and offices as well as other commercial applications.

  • As the magnetic graphics can be removed and the paint can be painted over, this option is great for those who wish to create a temporary magnetic area.

    We’ve found that this option is popular in offices and among interior designers. Offices will often create a magnetic wall and then attach branded graphics onto it, often containing logos, photos of their products and/or staff.

    Creative interior designers have used this option to create unique display areas in their customer’s homes and workspaces.

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